BikeChi App – Divvy Data on What People Want

During a recent OpenGov Hack Night, transportation guru Steve Vance demonstrated a simple app that lets you download all the places are people are suggesting new Divvy stations.

doing tricks on Divvy at Bike to Work Day Rally

Divvy, Chicago’s bike sharing system, has been a great success thus far. The system is expected to become the largest bike sharing system in North America next year with the launch of 175 new Divvy docking stations. As part of this effort, Divvy is collected resident feedback on where the new stations should go using Shareabouts, a mapping tool to gather crowdsourced public input, created by OpenPlans.

Steve Vance has created a simple app that downloads all of the suggestions, cleans up the data from Shareabouts, and sorts them by number of supporters. You can also search the results for key words that people have submitted in the feedback. For example, if you search for ‘music venue’ it’ll return all the entries that contain music venue.

Here’s Vance explaining the app:

It’s all open source and can found on GitHub. To enter suggestions for new Divvy stations you can submit ideas at Take a look at