Divvy Announces 2015 Divvy Data Challenge

divvydatachallengeAt the last OpenGov Hack Night, Divvy announced the 2015 Divvy Data Challenge to celebrate a whole year’s worth of data becoming available. This is the second year that Divvy has issued a data challenge. Last year’s winner’s ranged from apps that chimed to the frequency of somebody checking out a Divvy bike to apps that helped single people meet other single people who ride Divvy.

Elliot Greenberger from Divvy stopped by to explain about the challenge.

Here’s the details from the contest from Divvy’s website.


Winners will be selected for each of the following categories:

  • Best Overall Visualization:the entry that has the best overall aesthetics, provides insight, creatively illustrates the data, and is easy to understand.
  • Most Comprehensive:the entry that displays and shares the data most fully, while still being easy to understand.
  • Most Beautiful:the entry that is the most visually appealing in its illustration.
  • Most Creative:the entry that visualizes the data in the most new, different, and innovative way.
  • Most Insightful:the entry that reveals the most, or provides the most intelligent and surprising learnings from the trip data.

All entries will first be reviewed by a panel of Divvy judges, then narrowed down to a group of finalists. These finalist entries will be hosted on RedEyeChicago.com, where the public can cast a vote for their favorite visualizations.

Winning entries in each category will receive:

  • A software and hardware package from Microsoft
  • Your entry featured in a full-page ad in RedEye and on the Divvy Website
  • Gift certificates for two Divvy Memberships
  • A Divvy t-shirt and five 24-Hour Passes to share with friends and family

You can download the data as a zip file by clicking this link. Challenge submissions are due March 18th.

If you’re interested in getting a jump start on the challenge, you should attend the OpenGov Hack Night which will have a breakout group specifically about the Divvy Data Challenge.